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Best Gifts for $50 and Under!

We've got a lot of favorites in the DGY store but we know that sometimes shopping during the holiday season can be overwhelming. So the DGY team came together and picked our ultimate gifts for $50 and under. Here are a few of the highlights, happy shopping!

Luxury Ceramic Yarn Bowls

Cat Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Any crafter who knows the value of a yarn bowl can't wait to share the secret with other crafters. Our Cat Ceramic Yarn Bowl will not only help keep your yarn from rolling around and getting tangled, but it's also a fun, decorative piece for your living space. Your real life cat companion might be upset that your yarn isn't rolling all over the floor anymore, but we're sure they'll find something else to get into to!

Aanya Adjustable Short Kaftan

A woman with short black hair is staring into the distance, wearing a navy blue handmade short kaftan,

This stunning short kaftan tunic can be an easy, one-step outfit or the foundation for a cozy layered look. We are in love with these kaftans - they’re lightweight, flowy, and super versatile. Who wouldn’t love a one-of-a-kind kaftan for only $50!?

Sedona Patchwork Skirt

A woman with dark hair, a dark tank top, and a white and red sedona flowy skirt is smiling to the side, posing in the woods.

These patchwork skirts are a one-of-a-kind wardrobe must have. Made from reclaimed sari fabrics, these skirts are the perfect mix of boho chic, breathable elegance, and slow fashion. They can be worn as a skirt - or as a dress!

One-of-a-kind Sari Silk Purses

One-of-a-kind Sari Silk Purses

At DGY you know that our items make for truly special gifts and these One-of-a-kind Sari Silk Purses are no different! Each one is handcrafted with love by the women in our co-ops in Nepal. They are made with reclaimed pieces of sari material, and well-lined to make them sturdy enough for your commute, to hold school books, or even baby supplies. It's a beautiful way to add color to your wardrobe as well as help others on the other side of the world!

Twist and Shout Bundle

A wooden yarn bowl surrounded by four skeins of multicolored sport twist silk yarn on a white background, with a purple DGY logo on the upper left corner of the image.

The Twist and Shout Bundle is the perfect blend of twist, color, and sustainable materials with a fiber content that's been getting folks excited! These bright shades can be used to create daring designs or to make a basic project really stand out.

Specialty Yarn Packs!

Three skeins of yarn, unwound, laid out around a white background. The yarn in white, yellow, and blue.

We have a ton of different types of specialty yarn packs, like our Solar System Yarn Packs and our Celestial Events Yarn Packs that make super cute gifts!

Kits $50 and Below!

Here are a few of our favorites, but click the link above to see all the amazing possibilities!

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Three different boxes, which have been wrapped in different colored (yellow, tan, orange/teal) furoshiki reusable gift wrapping.

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