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Best Craft Storage Items from IKEA

Written by Kate Curry

Right underneath my yarn addiction is my crippling IKEA addiction. The way most people feel walking into Disney, I only feel that type of joy walking into the Swedish furniture playland. If you’re looking for different ways than rubber bins to organize your yarn stash, Ikea is the place for you!

Below are some of my favorite Ikea pieces that can (and are!) used for yarn storage!


A black storage cube center filled with multiple skeins, cakes, and balls of multicolored yarn.
I like to sort my yarn by weight inside the cubes!

I love my kallax so much that I have multiple in my house. They come in multiple colors and sizes, making it perfect for large rooms and studio apartments alike. You can even find cute little cubes to add a little color to your kallax!


Three grey boxes are floating on a white wall
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Love the look of the kallax but you don’t want your storage on the ground? Why not grab a eket? These cubes can be placed on the wall and you can even use multiple to make a funky geometric storage wall. And for those of you who have pesky little animals, ekets do come with a glass door option to keep those furry babies out!


Two circular boxes are opened on the floor, filled with yarn and ribbons.
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How….cute….are….these….BOXES!? Nothing else needs to be said. Just look at 'em!


A hanging white organizer is hanging off a rack in a closet.
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Do you have closet space but need a way to organize your stash? I live by these hanging storage compartments that you can velcro to the racks in your craft closet and make the most of your space!


A white rolling cart is filled with jars of snacks in a fancy white, grey, and wooden kitchen.
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Do you need your yarn on the go? Snag one of these colorful rolling carts that you can pack full of yarn and notions. They’re super lightweight and can hold a ton of stuff.


Multiple grey boxes are sitting on a white blanket, filled with random clothing items.
image source

These little fabric boxes are my go-to for organizing my scraps, notions, and other little bobs and bobbles that I frequently find myself blindly reaching for in the middle of an intense project.


A three-shelf white open drawer, holding six white plastic bins.
image source

This storage frame is so cute, can hold a ton of yarn, is easy to access and comes in tons of different color options? Yes please!


A white wire table is having it's white solid top lifted off.
image source

Sometimes I don’t want to just store my yarn - I want to display it! Imagine this storage table chock full of yarn and fiber in your living room, ready whenever you want to pop on the newest true crime show so you can craft and crime the night (or week) away!

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