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Benefits of Herbal Dyed Yarn: Manjistha

Herbal Dyed Yarns

Have you heard of all the amazing benefits of herbal dyed yarns? There are so many herbs to talk about but today we are going to dive into Manjistha (India’s Madder Root). Manjistha is well-known for its wide range of benefits. Before going into detail we thought it would be great to give a short background on how this root is prepped and dyed!

Manjistha (India’s Madder Root): How it's Made

Upclose of boiled Manjistha (India’s Madder Root)

Our Manjistha yarn is super simple to dye. First, the root is washed to remove all mud and dirt. This first step is crucial because if they were left unwashed the mud and dirt would dramatically change the color. The cleaned madder roots are boiled at 80 degrees for a couple of hours to extract the dye and in the process, the dye solution is filtered out. Before dyeing the yarn it’s extremely important to wash the yarn in hot water and mild soap to remove any impurities (so it’s extra pretty for you!) This helps the dye penetration, which means the color will be more vivid.

men hand dying yarn with Manjistha (India’s Madder Root)

Okay, we know what you’ve been waiting for…You want to know how this helps you right? Let’s get into all the ways!

The Benefits

Anxiety and mood disorders - It helps raise the level of dopamine (the neurotransmitter in the brain that controls brain activity) providing relief from anxiety and mood disorders.

Immunity enhancer - It helps to boost immunity and increases the white blood cells of the immune system. The herb increases the strength of the body to fight against various infections and debilitating diseases.

Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial - This herb contains natural substances like tannins and sulfur natural substances that give the ability to eliminate bacterial infections.

Anti-inflammatory - Containing salicylates and triterpenoids substances work to alleviate swelling or inflammation. These substances are also helpful in treating skin disorders and healing wounds.

Blood purifier - It is one of the best herbs used for blood purifying and removes toxins from the body.

Antispasmodic properties -This herb has the ability to cleanse the uterus, thereby improving menstrual flow and aiding to regulate menstrual cycles. It also gives relief from muscle spasms and painful uterine cramps during menstruation.

Joint problem - This herb used to treat raised uric acid, arthritis associated with gout, glandular swellings. It also helps to remove uric acid from the body.

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