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7 Yarn Holder Ideas


To Have and To Hold

For those of you who love yarn, there are so many ways to store, display, and use your fiber.  I decided to take today's blog a bit further and think about how we store yarn, how to display it, and one really awesome yarn bowl. This is about the many ways we can be organized and be totally artsy about our fibers. 

1.Well yes, of course, there is a vast array of ways to hold your yarn and I am going to share a few of them with you. Scoop it up in a two armed hug and embrace your fiber! Be sure to grab a selection of colors and textures, and it is often best done while wearing homemade clothing. Style and technique are everything here. It's quite simple really, love your yarn! One small user warning; don't love yarn so much that you never use it!

dog looking ahead over a yarn carpet

2.Okay, some of us have a lot of yarn and maybe you thought this was just a blog about a yarn holder? Well, holding comes in many fashions and I will get to the awesome yarn bowl in in a minute. But first, I thought I should mention that if you have yarn, you love yarn. So why would you tuck it away in a closet? You know how going to yarn stores is intoxicating. Here are some of the bins at Darn Good Yarn and honestly, why would you ever hide that beauty? And doesn't Nicole's dog look excited about seeing all the fibers!

 A La Carte

3.A sweet little cart from Ikea speaks to me. Yes, it could hold many things but a cart makes an awesome way to display your fibers. To me, this is art and the colors of this cotton yarn just pop with the spirit of being alive. And if it is on wheels, you can move your yarn stash from room to room for viewing pleasure!

Personally, I love to have as much fiber around me as possible; hidden, closet storage is only a last resort. Sure you can have shelves or tubs of fiber out of view, but I think hanks of yarn are so beautiful that why not incorporate them into your home decor?


yarn close up

Drink Up

4.Wine racks are an awesome way to display your yarns and wine is not meant to be kept forever (or if it is, that is not the case at my home). Grab a glass, a bottle of Chianti out of the rack, and drink some wine. You are doing your civic duty to make space for your yarn stash display. And really, a splash of color from yarn like our punky chunky will make a far stronger statement than a splash from that little wine bottle!

yarn market tote

close up of yarn market tote

Simple Yarn Holders

5.What's not to love about this chiffon ribbon tote? Practical and beautiful, these totes are another great way to hold yarn. Have a little something you want to tote around? Or just love having yarn strategically placed around the house to add a creative touch? And then, yeah, you could ACTUALLY use this tote to carry your fiber for a current crafting project.

yarn holder over stand

6.Baskets are a wonderful way to keep your yarn together and also share it with friends and family. I love this yarn wrapped kit because its not only a way to have yarn at hand, its actually made  with your choice of 2 skeins of Tibet Jewels Sari Ribbon yarn or 2 skeins of At the Bahamas Sari Ribbon yarn, beautiful sari silk choices. I change up my baskets for different seasons and even do insane things like get out all my green, red, and white hues for the holidays. Sometimes I am in love with a whole range of monochromatic colors. So what's your basket of yarn saying?

yarn bowl with yarn inside

7. Last but not least, the yarn bowl is a great way to actually hold your yarn. Made for balls of fiber, this keeps your yarn from wandering and gives you a consistent thread for crafting. To add to the ease of crafting, these wooden bowls are made at a fair trade co-op in India, so you are empowering people with work. Beautifully handcrafted of sheesham wood, the grains of these yarn bowls make them lovely works of art.  A great way to hold your yarn and a beautiful way to support a global economy, this bowl wants to hug your yarn!

Yarn holders can be many sizes, shapes and the potential is limitless. Get your yarn out of the storage bin or closet and put it out for all to enjoy. Better yet, get your yarn bowl out and play with some of those wonderful fibers that are now out in the open! Hold your yarn, hug your yarn, display your yarn, use your yarn. Your yarn will thank you for it.