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7 Locker Hooking Fibers and Bling

Locker Hooking-have you tried it? I have experimented with fiber for weaving and crocheting rugs but had not heard of or tried locker hooking. This is not a new craft, locker hooking originated in the UK and has been around for close to a century!

Wanting to try a tutorial to learn more about the process? YouTube offers many locker hooking tutorials which will help to understand the process better, discuss supplies needed, and give a great overview of this craft. With some of our Darn Good Yarn family including Jainnie J, who made this gorgeous piece and for sharing their mixed media projects with us, thank you! We want to share what we have to offer!

So how does Darn Good Yarn connect with this craft? Well, we support all types of crafters and their paths of creativity. We have had crafters mention how wonderful our unique fibers are for locker hooking so we knew it was time to learn more about locker hooking and which fibers our crafters are loving and wanting to use!

3 bundles of multicolored silk ribbon on a white background

1. Locker hooking is all about fibers and our  2"  wide ribbon is already cut and rolled into strips of reclaimed silk. This take some work out of cutting strips for you!

3 skeins of purple, blue, and pink yarn sitting on a black pavement surface

2. Our DGY block prints on sari ribbon are handmade! Colorful silk ribbon has block prints to add another element of design. Yes, you can buy them individually but I suggest one of the Block Printed Handmade Sari Silk Packs because this price feels like a sale!

Gray and pink variegated ball of yarn on a white background

3. And while I am mentioning sari ribbon, did you know that each 100g skein is made by hand from start to finish! Vintage silk saris are first torn by hand into quarter inch strips, then sewn together to make this wonderful recycled sari silk yarn. Great for locker hooking as there are gorgeous colors and again, it is already in strips, thanks to the women working at our co-ops in India!

Pink ball of wool yarn on a white background

4. Locker hooking is not new but like many traditional  arts and mixed media, it's definitely hip to recycle these artisan crafts.  Wool is another timeless fiber that brings interesting color and texture to locker hooking. Known for its durability, wool is great underfoot and here is a link to a instructables.com page on locker hooking rugs!

5. Silk cocoons are uniquely original. If you are wanting to get that fiber and card it yourself, this is a great selection that you may want to use in finer locker hooking and other mixed media arts.

4 white cards full of silk ribbon samples in multiple colors, stacked on a white surface

6. Creativity is all about messing around and our sample cards are great for experimenting with different fibers in locker hooking. We created these cards just for you- we know fiber is something we love and now you can test out some of the crazy, unique ones found at Darn Good Yarn!

Multiple white cards full of different colors and textures of yarn samples strewn on a white surface

7. Here's an even better idea! Our DGY Mixed Media Sampler Pack gives you a fabulous selection that you will absolutely love trying for your locker hooking project or other crafting ideas! It's just a fun, inviting sampling of what we are all about!

Woman's hand holding an aluminum gold locker hooking needle while working on a blue and white striped locker hooking rug project on a white background

I am excited to explore locker hooking fibers and to educate myself more about this old time craft. The recycling of  crafts fits super well with our philosophy of carrying lots of recycled materials. In learning more about this craft, I notice that beads and bling are used...

Multiple strands and loose glass beads in various shapes and colors strewn on a white surface next to a potted house plant and a bundle of burlap ribbon

Check out our mixed media products because locker hooking is all about color, texture, bling, and integrating the unlikely and that IS something we know about.  I've included lots of possibilities here because we love making you happy and this eye candy will get the creative spirit thinking!

We'd love to hear from you as to whether you have tried locker hooking and which Darn Good Yarns you are loving for this new trend in an old art!