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5 Unique Uses for Your New Tapestry

Do you want to know what my favorite thing about a tapestry is? Here we go...wait. I can't just pick one! 

The best part about owning a brand new tapestry (beside the fact that it was handmade in our cooperatives in India and Nepal that help employ over 600 women with safe working environments and fair wages) is how versatile it is! You can literally utilize your tapestry for about anything that your mind can imagine. 

If you want our top 5 recommendations on how to utilize our tapestry, keep reading. 

Boho-Chic Beach blanket:

There are truly few things I love more than a good beach day. So, with our new tapestry, you can grab your cooler (full of wine), some of your favorite snacks, sunscreen and head out for a great day relaxing with the sun, sand & waves. Bonus: you won't be covered in sand and your tapestry will be an easy wash when you get it back home. 


Purple and white mandala tapestry hanging from a white wall next to a wooden side table, wooden chair, and felt ball rug on a gray floor


Table Cloth:

This one hits home for me because I just bought my first table last week and have been searching Anthropology for a table runner or cloth. Luckily, our moonrise wall hanging came in and saved the day. It adds a beautiful splash of unique color to my dining room. It blends perfectly with my white dish set and roses in the center & if it gets stained, it really is so easy to wash. 



I absolutely love adding curtains to ANY window that allows it. Hell, I have even been known to hang curtains above an empty fire mantel or door frame in my day. I think it really ties a room together and makes it more cozy. So, it goes without saying that I can not wait to bring home a tapestry and drape it over my front window. It doesn't allow for much privacy, unless you position it to actually block the window opening, but it does add to a great view. 


Purple and white mandala tapestry hanging from a white wall next to a wooden side table, wooden chair, and felt ball rug on a gray floor


Couch Slip Cover:

Pet lovers, listen up! I still have my black futon from college (which, in all honesty, has seen it's better days) and own a Golden Retriever/Husky mix puppy. If you didn't follow along with that equation... it equals A LOT of doggy fur very noticeably sticking all over my couch. My solution is to use my tapestry for an adorable slip cover. Unfortunately, it does not stop Riley from shedding, but its beautiful light colors does help deflect the fur and create an inviting sitting place for guests and Netflix watching. 



If you're lucky enough to live in a city that is never cold (I live in New York so I can't relate here) or if it's summer time, your tapestry can double as a light and airy bed spread. Our Indian Sunrise Wall Hanging pictured below is my favorite for a bedding! It's not super heavy so not conductive for colder nights or months, but it adds great pop of color to any bedroom! 

Blue, pink, and white tapestry hanging on a white wall

Bonus! A DIY Faux Headboard:

Is your room missing something? Do you constantly walk into a room and say to yourself that you should buy a headboard but your bank account disagrees? Well, here's a little home decor hack ;) 

You can create a faux headboard vision by hanging a tapestry behind your bed and run it to the floor. For a little more "dreamy" effect, you can run lights along the board of the wall hanging and canopy it over your bed. 

If you're feeling very Pinterest-inspired, you can even take a wood cutout (of your desired shape/size), attach foam (I would recommend cutting a mattress pad to match) to the wood cut out and then upholster the tapestry to your new headboard cut out. Quick, cheap & easy :)

Bed with white bedding, orange and white floral headboard, sitting in front of a white wall with two white sconces on either side