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5 Creative Arm Knitting Ideas and a Fun Instructional Video

girl smiling wearing an arm knit scarf

Having a Ball

Arm knitting, like all kinds of knitting, is widely popular and is taking the world by storm. One reason arm knitting is so popular is it's quick. Another reason is that it's really quite easy. And in this world of instant gratification, who doesn't love a project that you can be gifting or wearing an hour or two after creating it? Here are five idea of ways to incorporate arm knitting in to your life and be sure to watch Nicole's super fun video(below) on how to arm knit!

1.Look at this fun cowl photo above! It's really quite obvious why people are drawn to fun fibers like the thick and thin wool with mirror balls. How fun is this? Arm knitting with this crazy yarn to make a very cool cowl, and yes, this cowl pattern is easy! With different color options and a major pop factor with the mirror balls, this is one very cool, very expressive way to play with arm knitting!

mannequin wearing a yarn scarf

2.The array in this arm knit scarf is like wrapping a rainbow around your neck.  Lucky for you, we have this arm knit scarf kit in a bogo sale right this minute. And speaking of minutes, this scarf will take you as little as 30 minutes to make. I am already thinking this could be an awesome holiday gift for several people and if I start now I might just get to kick back and enjoy the holidays when they get here. That would be a gift to myself!

Bulk Up

close up of multiple yarn skeins

multiple yarn skeins over a basket

Here at DGY we do a lot of arm knitting with our many chiffon ribbons, they work up well and the color, well you can see the color options are well, amazing! With any arm knitting project, think big. Consider your arms to be really large needles and think big yarn, too. The bigger the needles, the bigger the yarn is an easy way to think about arm knitting and keep your fiber bulky!

3. The project itself doesn't have to be huge. Headbands and fiber necklaces can be made using the arm knitting process. DGY has a  free downloadable pattern for a headband  or necklace made of t-shirt cotton. The cotton is bulky because it is the leftovers from a t-shirt factory but used in this arm knitting pattern, it makes for one darn cute headband. Simple and arm knitting go together and this is a great place to start.

Quick and Cozy 

4.Making blankets in the past has required a tremendous amount of dedication and many-a-blanket ends up in the back of the closet half done, never to come out again.  Simplymaggie.com shares her pattern for an arm knit blanket that only takes one hour to make. Thanks for this tutorial Maggie!

arm throw over a wooden floor

5.We love kits at DGY. One big reason is we totally know how hard it is to find time for projects or to learn a new craft. We put together this arm knit throw kit because we completely understand that you want to be crafting but it might be a lot easier if everything you needed was plopped together in a group. We get it and that's why Nicole, the owner of Darn Good Yarn, designed this kit. Arm knitting just got even easier!

Arm's Length

Want more ideas? Pinterest is always a great source for so many ideas, patterns, and overload, too! Here is a direct link to more ideas for arm knitting and using chunky fibers. I know, I know! It can be overwhelming in there but if you want more arm knitting ideas this is the place!  After all, now that your arm knitting projects are getting done so quickly you have a lot more time to read about your next project!

The staff at DGY is always here to help if you get stuck. Be sure to watch this really fun video Nicole put together. It's instructional and a great visual of how-to arm knit. It's fun, its easy and it's time...to try your hand (or arms rather!) with this craze of arm knitting. We'd love to see your arm knitting creation so email us at info@darngoodyarn.com and just have fun with it!