15 Hilarious Yarn Memes For A Rough Day - Darn Good Yarn

15 Hilarious Yarn Memes For A Rough Day

It's funny because it's true. 


1. When everything reminds you of your knit or crochet project


2. They won't even notice the dust on the floor if they're distracted by new scarves and hats, right?


3. "It's been here the whole time!!!!!"


4. We don't have to talk about it... We've all been there. 


5. Yes, I am giving you a scarf for the 15th Christmas in a row. 


6. Maybe one day we will be worthy 


7. This is THE motto


8. There's no such thing as too much yarn, right?


9. When you find the silver lining 


10. Some people will just never understand


11. Hey, at least he kept the bin somewhat color coded 


12. **There's no place like sitting at home with yarn in your hands**


13. AND that's what Darn Good Yarn is for! 


14. Give yourself a nice pat on the back, then celebrate by buying more yarn


15. They say money is everything... but yarn is everything.