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11 Ideas for Using Yarns

There are many ways to use yarns without ever learning to knit or crochet.I am not suggesting that you avoid learning these crafts as I find great joy in these hobbies, but I just want to remind you there are lots of great opportunities for other uses for our luscious fibers.Think about a group project or how about something where the kids have a chance to learn and play with fiber?

Or, are you bored with doing the same old things? Perhaps you could use a break from another project? Forget those old patterns and take that perplextion and turn it in to a fun evening of wine and creating!  A fiber project doesn't have to be long and tedious. I've gathered together some short and fun ways to play with fiber and really have fun and how cool is it that you can actually finish these projects in one or two sittings? 

Braid Raid

1. Hair Braid with Yarn

Have you ever seen the horses that have the beautiful ribbons throughout their tails and mane?  Why not consider making a braid for you or a young child or grandchild? Instead of the usual hair braid, pick out some favorite colors or unique textures to weave into the hair.  This look is charming and won't exactly bust your stash of favorite fibers!

woman wearing yarn scarf

2. Braided necklace

Looking for a really exotic look that is super simple? How about taking some of the DGY's sari ribbon to create the look you want! This is a great way to teach children to braid or weave while talking it up about color, beads, and the world!

yarn skein samples

3. Bracelets

Check out the bangle making kit shown above! We give you all the basics to get you to finagle a bangle! Or try making a simple weave or braid using any fiber and experiment! What happens with a wide sari ribbon, how do beads look with a fingering weight fiber, or what would happen is you mixed them both together? Kids can be amazingly open to trying anything so you might learn a few things!

woman wearing yarn scarf

4. More accessories!

Take hunks of sari ribbon or our bulky sari silk ribbon rolls and create an eye catching scarf to accessorize your outfit. Note the knotted ribbon adding a color boost that can be changed out depending on your outfit or your mood! What a sweet colorway this is! Like wearing a sunset!

5. Ball Jar Decoration

There are so many things that are made with ball jars. I am one of those wanna-be canners. I really love to grow vegetables and have this great illusion of canning my produce. I have great intentions of making that blueberry jam. The reality is I collect the jars. Decorating the jars, filling them with something loving like a ball of fiber, a recipe or just a really yummy snack of glop brings many smiles. What will you do with a nice hunk of fabric and some glorious fiber because let's face it the jam is not happening in some of our homes!

Speaking of Bottoms...

6.Chair seats

Unique, yes! Practical, yes! I don't usually think of unique and practical is being descriptors that can be in the same sentence. However, I found an awesome old chair at the dump and so want to try this unique and practical project...the seat of the chair I have has broken cane fiber and I love, love. the patina of the black paint and the chair is super sturdy....well, except the seat!  My husband questions why I bring such things home but this would be the perfect use for burlap ribbon coupled with sari ribbon.


7.Basket weaving

Here is a basket bottom using 1/2" rope and our Recycled Silk Super Bulky Yarn and a crochet hook for pulling fiber through. This is one of those gifts that might not be a gift in the end. I really love the look of this project and it works up amazingly quick! 

8. Why baskets?

It really isn't about Easter, or is it? I have baskets on my mind. But then, I love baskets for the space they create and the look of comfort. Looking for a paper option in fiber? The recycled newspaper fiber is a great product for creating a spiral basket. This is simple project and how about that basket? Loving the natural look and knowing it is recycled too. What would you fill it with?

multicolored yarn skein

multicolored yarn skein

9.Just one more basket idea

I promise! Create a lovely basket using the pattern kit. You will receive the downloadable pattern and can choose from the lovely sari silk ribbon with Tibetan Jewels and At the Bahamas. A great way to get started with our sari silks.

Out There Floating in the Fiber Universe!

10. Build a play fort for the kids.

You know how much they would love this. Not wanting to use your best fiber? Give everyone a ball of those fibers you don't want but can't quite get rid of. Warmer days are coming and what a great fort idea for the kids to have a place to read, play and dream of never-ending summer! And remember, these young minds might open you to some more other-worldly ideas in fiber!

woman laying over yarn

11.Create a pile and just jump in

Fiber doesn't have to be anything in particular so perhaps you just want to be at one with the fiber! Follow Nicole's lead and jump into the luscious Darn Good Fibers. Your inspiration may just be buried in that stash! Dig deep and find your treasure! Great things can come from complete freedom! Use your stash with wild abandon... you know where to find more!