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11 Extraordinary Knitting & Crochet Patterns

August 22, 2019 4 min read

After learning to knit or crochet, there are many common things that people tend to make including blankets, scarves, and hats. However, there are all kinds of patterns available for yarn artists of all skill levels that can help you learn how to make extraordinary projects no matter where you're at. From beginner to expert, there are patterns available to all crafters and aspiring beginners. Check out these 11 extraordinary patterns and kits that are sure to liven up your collection of patterns while wowing all of your friends! 

Unicorn Amigurumi

White unicorn amigurumi stuffed animal on a wooden surface next to a white wall

It can sometimes be hard to find fun projects for beginners, but this unicorn amigurumi starter kit is one of those funny crochet patterns you've been looking for. Included in this kit are both the crochet and knitting patterns which make it perfect to try one or both of these creative arts, as well as all the yarn you'll need. In the end, you'll have a cute little multi-colored unicorn to show off your newfound skills!

Hayden Hanging Basket

Hayden Hanging Basket sitting on a wooden shelf next to a potted cactus and black letterboard

Easy to make and versatile in use, the Hayden hanging basket is one of our favorite crochet patterns. It's large in size making it great for storing your yarn or any other lightweight items. Sleek and stylish, they make great gifts and you can never have too many of these beautiful storage baskets for yourself. This pattern is sure to become a staple, especially if you're using our stunning sari silk ribbon yarn that is included in this kit. 

Upcycled Fringe Jean Shorts

Denim shorts with multicolored crochet fringe sitting on a wooden surface

A lot of us have so many pairs of jean shorts and sometimes it can feel like they all look alike. One of our unique crochet patterns can help you put to a boho-style-inspired twist on your shorts. This is one of those awesome crochet patterns that are great for beginners and experts alike. With a kit available in four different color schemes, this versatile pattern works well on skirts, tops, and other articles of clothing so it's sure to become a staple in your book. 

Yarn Wrapped Rope Basket

Yarn wrapped rope multicolored basket sitting on a wooden surface next to a turquoise wall

No knitting or crochet experience is needed for this simple bohemian style DIY project. Great for the whole family, this kit only requires you to have some rope, glue, and a bowl that you can use as a template. Our yarn wrapped rope basket kit has a couple of color options to choose from and it a perfect starter project for an aspiring crafter. With sari silk ribbon yarn and rope, this beautiful basket is both a sturdy and practical addition to any home. 

Hugs Baby Booties

Blue Hugs Baby Booties on a white background

This cute project is available in both crochet and knitting patterns. Hugs baby booties are a great project if you're expecting a baby or need a sweet gift for a baby shower. They're perfect for decorations, such as a diaper cake topper, and they're also practical for the early days of having a new baby. The kit comes in four colors making them versatile enough for all parents. Whether or not they are finding out the gender, there is a beautiful color scheme that will fit the desires of any parent for their newborn baby. Homemade items like these booties are beautiful touches in newborn photos as well.

Baby Hippo Stuffed Animal

Blue crochet baby hippo sitting on grass

This is one of our more unique crochet patterns that children and hippo lovers alike are excited to see. With a few materials to really bring the stuffed animal to life, it's easy to make your own baby hippo. The pattern is simple enough for crocheters with limited experience and cute enough that those with more experience really enjoy it as well. On top of being a sweet little gift, it is made from recycled silk to make this darling hippo both soft and environmentally friendly.

Tiered Air Plant Hanger

Multicolored knit tiered air plant hanger holding 3 air plants sitting on a white surface

Available in both knitting and crochet patterns, a tiered air plant hanger is a great addition to liven up any collection of unique patterns in addition to your home. With just a couple of small air plants, these can also be great for gifting. Air plants are inexpensive and require minimal care which makes these an amazing decoration for nearly anyone.

Canine Cowl

Dog wearing a knit cowl in front of a blurred green background

One of our best knitting patterns for our dog lovers is the canine cowl. This is one of the extraordinary projects for knitters of all skill levels. Great for your own fur baby or for gifting to your animal loving friends, these unusual knitting patterns for cowls can easily work for a variety of different fluffy friends.

Spiral Fan Doily

Multicolored spiral fan doily on a wooden table underneath 3 faux succulents and a glass vase full of greenery

A doily is one of the most classic projects to crochet. This spiral fan doily adds a unique and colorful spin on the crochet doily. With a few different multicolored yarn choices, our spiral fan doily crochet pattern is sure to add a gorgeous splash of color to any room. 

All My Love Wall Hanging

Pink and white all my love wall hanging hung from a white brick wall

Having art hanging on the walls is a staple for most artists. Bring your crochet art to that level with our beautiful All My Love wall hanging crochet pattern. This pattern is a great way to liven up your home with a personal touch and a little extra love. The yarn used for this pattern is beautiful handmade sari silk ribbon in both ivory and neon pink to make a sweet heart to display in your home. 

Convertible Hat Cowl

Woman wearing a multicolored convertible cowl standing in front of a wooden door and brick wall

A lot of people learn to make hats as one of their first knitting experiences. Unique knitting patterns have emerged to make a more versatile convertible hat cowl. A great project for beginners and experienced knitters alike, the convertible hat cowl is sure to be unlike any other accessory that you have created thus far.

No matter what kind of project you're looking for, there are a multitude of unusual and unique knit and crochet patterns that are just waiting to be discovered. You'll probably find things you didn't even know you were looking for as you find all kinds of unique projects to advance your knitting and crochet skills. Enjoy these 11 designs and so many more extraordinary projects!

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