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10 Fun Fact about Me and Darn Good Yarn

by Nicole Snow April 04, 2015

10 Fun Fact about Me and Darn Good Yarn

Here are 10 fun facts about me and Darn Good Yarn:
1- Darn Good Yarn saved 6,000 pounds of waste from going into landfills last year and turned it into fantastic yarn!
2- My favorite book is Atlas Shrugged
3- Darn Good Yarn just sponsored two daughters of one of the spinners who makes “Darn Good Yarn” to go to school this semester!
4- I’ve moved my house and my business 10 times in 5 years
5- I’m from NJ originally, now I’m in Maine!
6- I love wearing bright colored lipstick
7- My favorite movie(s) are Kill Bill 1&2
8- I’m a lazy knitter–Sure I can make the complicated but I like things simple that fit into my schedule
9- My favorite meal I like to cook is roasted duck with roasted brussel sprouts
10- I am in love with my business–I never feel like I’m working and it always warms my heart when I see the projects that people make with my yarn

Happy Monday Loveys!



Nicole Snow
Nicole Snow

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