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KNIT: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Purse

October 10, 2009

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Purse

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Purse

You know me, I love easy patterns…but you know what I love more? Easy patterns that kick major hiney! That’s why I love this purse!

This simple pattern was made when I was experimenting. I was actually sitting by the ocean when I casted on and thought wow… what I’m working on totally looks like seaweed, very colorful seaweed.

The handles are a “Nicole” creation. I made them out of wire. Wire? I like having fun with metal and wire so I whipped these puppies up–and I couldn’t find a pair I really liked in any stores so I made my own. If you want a set get in touch with me and I’ll make them for $10 a piece.

So, here’s what you need:
Size 13 needles
2 skeins of Darn Good Yarn Sari Ribbon Yarn

Purchase the Sari Ribbon Click Here

Purchase the Sari Ribbon Click Here

2 skeins of Darn Good Yarn Blender Live Wire Yarn (100g each)

Click Here to check out the Blender Yarn

Click Here to check out the Blender Yarn

1 cool button
2 purse handles: You can get ones handcrafted by me here:
needle to finish it up

handmade wire handles for purses and bags 017

Buy the handles here!

Here’s how you do it:
CO 11 sts, work in moss stitch for all two skeins of the DGY Sari Ribbon Yarn and BO.
Sew up the sides.
I turned it inside out (but that’s up to you). I then flipped the first half inch over and stitched it down to create a “lip” around the opening of the purse. I thought this looked nice for the overall shaping.
Next attach the handles.

Now onto some optional embellishments which I think look great. I sewed a big wood button from Darn Good Yarn and braided some left over blender yarn to make a loop/clasp at the opening.

Top of the bag

Top of the bag

I also made a tassel out of the leftover Blender Yarn.

Dress it up however you’d like.

This project is super easy and the whole thing took me 2 hours to create! So, it’s a quick easy gift that will get tons of ohh’s and ahhh’s!

Front of the Bag

Front of the Bag


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  1. Mendy says:

    Beautiful! And I love your wire handles. Bravo!

  2. Jackie says:


  3. BRENDA says:


  4. Ann says:

    On the instructions for 20,000 leagues under the sea purse, one of the first instructions is to cast on 11 stitches. 11 stitches. Are you sure it should’t be 110.

  5. janet says:

    i’m a little confused…do you knit the purse with both the blender & the ribbon or just the ribbon and use the blender for embellishments only?

  6. pelianknits says:

    love it..I am also on etsy and raqvelry under pelicanknits

  7. pelianknits says:

    love it..I am also on etsy and ravelry under pelicanknits

    also only cast on 11 stitches.. this seems kind of small

  8. pelianknits says:

    love it.. what kind of wire did you use!!

    • nicole says:

      I don’t know if it really has a name. I am known to go to the hardware store and see what can make my crafts crafty:) look for something that is pliable with you hand but not too flimsy that it would snap over time:) think thinner than a coat hanger:)

  9. jolene druen says:

    What is moss stitch?

    • nicole says:

      It’s when you knit 1 purl 1 and when you start on the next row you knit the purls and purl the knit stitches. I like to CO an odd number of sts so I always start on a knit st at the start of every row

    • nicole says:

      Hi there, it’s when you knit one and purl one and on the next row you knit the purls and purl the knits

  10. I ordered ll this.. even an extra skein of both.. What are the final dimensions with just the 11 CO.. I suppose I can make it bigger since I will have more yarn. what do you think/ Will the handles you are also sending still work?

  11. quick question.. want to start eh 20,00 bag.. do I use one sari ribbon and one blender together until all the sari..write me at my e-mail.. is gone..susan

  12. margie wyttenbach says:

    need your help. want to order to make 20000 leagues purse. adorable. what colors do i order to blend. please notify. also, want the ribbon hat kit. whichsite do i use for the total order. would like to get some other things. please contact , i am anxious to start using your beautiful products. . thanks, marge

  13. Karen says:

    Will you let me know when you get the blender yarn in for the 20000 leagues under the sea purse
    Thank you

  14. susan smith says:

    I love the colors in your bag– I am thinking of making it a little larger and lining the bag with a cotton print with pockets– YUP– I am one of those crazy crafters that love to go beyond the box– smiling
    THANKS MUCH for a fun creative pattern–
    I am hoping if I double the cast on stitches the bag will come out to the size I want–

  15. Pam Easton says:

    This is so beautiful! I am going to try it with yarns I can find around here, and if not order the yarns you used! Love your creativity with using wire for the handles!!

  16. amethystlady2 says:

    I’m very curious about the Sari yarn…I take ot this is not the same ribbon yarn as Sashay or Stargazer yarns…am I right? In other words, with the Sari, you knit with the entire ribbon and not the little ‘cages’ on the top row…

    I wanted to order some of the Banana Fiber, but found no place to tell the color scheme I would like.

    Also, just a hint…when you wave your hands and arms, or display a yarn, everything gets blurry on the screen…might want to cut some of the movements out when you are speaking or demonstrating a yarn…

    Thanks for the site, but please tell me where I can get some of the Banana yarn…(Oh, do you have any Bamboo yarn by any chance?)

  17. amethystlady2 says:

    Woops…that was supposed to be “it”…not “ot”…lol

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