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Nicole: Founder, president and wine lover. Darn Good Yarn was started by Nicole Snow, a US Air Force Veteran.  As she tells it: "After leaving the Air Force, I decided that I wanted to “unwind” with yarn. In early 2008, I decided to take two of my passions in life—art and helping others—and combine them. The result was “Darn Good Yarn” a yarn and fiber importer, wholesaler, and retailer. The mission was simple: provide phenomenal quality fibers to enthusiasts, while helping the women of Nepal and India become autonomous and self-reliant."  Contact Nicole  



Squeakers: Official Mini Schnauzer! Squeakers is the bomb and he lets the house know when FedEx is here.  Squeakers is horrible about answering emails.  He has been denied his own Darn Good Yarn email address as punishment. :)  

Maggie Team Page

Maggie: Vice President.  Maggie lives in Charlotte, NC and came to Darn Good Yarn with 10 years of fiber arts experience.  She had done everything from working in a yarn store to designing, making, and selling her own creations.  The bulk of her day now is spent managing our international supply chain...from working with co-ops and artists in India and Nepal to design new yarns and products, to managing our wholesale program, to providing customer service and social media on the retail side of Darn Good Yarn.  As a designer, she creates and then translates her ideas to the co-ops that make our products, working with them to perfect a new yarn or ready-made item until it is ready for production.  As a wholesale expert, she works to meet the needs of our varying customers, from the artist, to the local yarn shop, to the large retailer - she can find the right fit for you in our wholesale program!  Maggie draws inspiration from her life experience, the most notable of these being the time she spent in Ecuador with the Secoya tribe and her work as a mother to a dynamic little girl. Contact Maggie:

Amanda:  Operations Manager. A recent Public Relations graduate of SUNY Plattsburgh, Amanda is excited to join the Darn Good Yarn team.  Small business is the perfect fit for her since she wanted a job that offered her diverse responsibilities and something new everyday!  She ran cross country and track all throughout college and loves to compete almost as much as she loves food!  Mexican and Chinese are her favorites.  Her idea of a perfect day off is to take in a hike in the woods and soak in nature.  She wants explore and see the world and she has a goal to travel to at least one new place every year.  She has made it to every eastern US state, Hawaii, and Cancun so far!  If you can't find her, she's probably laying out on the beach on a tropical island, so make sure to send her an e-mail at  


Mike Snow of Darn Good Yarn

Mike: Super-supporter and official husband. Without Mike, Darn Good Yarn wouldn't be here and Nicole wouldn't enjoy life nearly as much