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Silk Yarn

Long regarded as the fabric of royalty, silk yarn is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your otherwise standard, knitting patterns. They’re also gorgeously soft and can be fashioned into apparel that will be appropriate and comfortable all yearlong.

We carry a huge collection of colorful, unique and vibrant silk yarn. Peruse now and discover for yourself our lovely linens, worsted weights, unrefined silk yarns, handspun yarns, lace weights and recycled silk yarns. If you do go down the recycled road, that’s fantastic! Recycled options are a wonderful way to further conserve the environment.

All of the silk yarn available on our site is ethically and lovingly made from our superstar women in Nepal and India. Hand-selected for their skill, there’s nowhere else where you’ll find such darn good yarn!

Browse our extensive range now and shop confidently knowing that you’re making the world a better place with our ethically sourced silk yarn!