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Recycled Yarn

If it’s good enough to love once, it’s good enough to love twice! Our recycled products are offcuts, surpluses, and factory seconds from all over the world; in different materials, colors and styles. We adore recycled yarn not just for the unique surprises in every batch and the vibrant mixed palettes, but also for the sustainable consumerism practices that they represent.

When we called ourselves Darn Good Yarn, we weren’t kidding around. We not only stand by the quality of these recycled products, wherever they come from – we commit to and believe in keeping our environment healthy by not throwing away anything of use. Our recycled fabric ribbons and rolls help make a beautiful planet as well as beautiful clothes.

For top-quality recycled products, recycled yarn patterns and inspiration, and some funky Darn Good Yarn, take a look through our different materials below and get ready for fabulousness. Whatever project you choose to take up, we’d love to hear about how it goes!