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A Home For My Sunnies: Recycled Silk Yarn Sunglasses Holder

March 16, 2012

We’re almost there! Sunglasses weather! And with fluorescents and bold prints being all the rage this season, you need a fashionable home for your sunnies. (sunglasses:) ) Personally, I’ve really been loving large framed glasses and I needed a case to house them because my standard hard cases aren’t large enough. So this pattern is perfecto for them! You can also add some cute modifications to it like a wrist strap or a closure. Make it a little large to be a mini purse, it’s all up to you my dears!


You will only need one skein of any of Recycled Resolution yarn. Pick up by click this link:


Click here to download the full sized pattern pdf


Enjoy and love,

Nicole (President Darn Good Yarn Inc) (



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  1. Anne Daniels says:

    Can this pattern be modified for an ipad mini case?

  2. Penney Clarke says:

    Wow!! I love the glasses case holder…I wear MK (big lens/big frame) glasses all the time and have a regular pair plus Sunnies and regular cases just don’t “work.” The lenses scratch so easily…this soft silk case will be really perfect for protecting them! And what great Xmas presents………Thank you…

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