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Wool Yarn

Is wool cloth the most versatile, beautiful, and useful textile in the history of humankind? It may or may not be, but it’s definitely one of the snuggliest!

You can always tell a sheep shearer by their hands – huge and muscular, but softer than a supermodels due to all the lanolin they handle! Anyone who handles wool fabric often can attest to the gorgeous smell and natural moisturizing properties that wool cloth has. It’s also quite easy to work with, and produces some surprisingly tough ware from such a gentle textile.

Wool fabric is probably the foundation of recreational knitting as well as, until relatively recently, the clothes industry. With our stunning selection of reclaimed dyed and undyed wool ribbon and wool cloth, it’s easy to see why. It’s not just ubiquitous, it’s beautiful – and most important, it’s fun!

Check our enormous and ever-growing range of wool fabric and patterns, and make sure to look through our other materials for exotic, ethical Darn Good Yarn!