Thanksgiving Inspired Creations


Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Who is ready for some delicious turkey and homemade eats that will be sure to fill your belly with happiness! Before we start preparing the food for the families in the masses, how does your home décor look? Does it scream thanksgiving; are you showcasing any of your personal makings of creativity? Have you hit a creativity block but still want something cute to display to your family for the thanksgiving festivities, well you have come to the right place! I have found for you some incredible crochet thanksgiving themed pieces. Take a look!

1.Lovely Crochet Fall Leaves!

I am a huge fan of anything fall and leaves, these would look adorable next to each seating placement!

2.Crochet Turkey Hat

Do you have a little one in your family who loves wearing fun hats? I see so many kids now with adorable hand made hats and they love showing all their friends. Let your creative side shine through this adorable hat and your little one will love showing it off knowing its one of a kind! For a little girl I would highly recommend our Lace Weight Silk Yarn; Autumn Dyelot 2. This yarn is full of vibrant fall colors with the added pink touch!

3. Turkey Mug Wrap

As you head to your local grocery store with your favorite warm beverage in hand, you will want to wrap this insanely adorable turkey around your cup. This is one of the cutest things I have seen and it is sure to be an attention grabber! Be ready for the compliments!

3.Tiny Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie! This little lovely is perfect to put on the plates of your fun loving guests as a an awesome peak into the desert they will soon be devouring! What better way to pump up their appetites with something so fun, different and creative! This is sure to get everyone talking and smiling!

4. Wine Bottle Cover

Who doesn’t love wine, fall, and not having to cook? Are you traveling to someone’s house to thanksgiving? Is this your holiday not to cook? If so then bring this perfect conversation piece to your destination! Fill it with a popular brand of wine and wrap this beauty around it. This will surely show your friends and family that you have an awesome creative edge!

5.Turkey Applique Finger Puppet

Do you have kids who get bored with watching all the moms work in the kitchen and aren’t into the dads game of football? Set this fun project up for them and teach them how to crochet their own finger puppets! What kid doesn’t like puppets! I am sure by the end of the evening there will be an awesome puppeteer show for all the parents to see! I suggest using the Lace weight silk yarn; Any of the autumn colors or the Catskill fireworks.

6. Gobble Coaster

In my house, coasters are a highly important thing; we have them everywhere! We do not want our surfaces ruined and most of the coaster we have are boring ones we snagged from a restaurant, unless I buy the cute one. J This one is adorable and who wouldn’t want to put their cold refreshment on this. I can sure see the guys in my family placing their drink of choice on something like this and I can’t wait to make it!

7. Crochet fall wreath

I love a good wreath, and this is most definitely one of the cutest I have seen! Welcome your guests with perfect front door style! The little pumpkins and crochet bow make the wreath complete! I would love to play with the colors and see what combinations could be done.

8. Corner Granny Afghan

This afghan is perfect to drape over that love seat that everyone fights for. I would love to curl up in my favorite chair, with my favorite person and wrap this around us! The colors are amazing and after stuffing myself with the delicious turkey dinner this is exactly what I want. Nothing says creativity like a beautiful blanket does!

9. Acorn and Leaf Garland with mini crocheted pumpkins

Garland is definitely the hot new décor to always have in your house to go along with whatever season or theme your house is in. And for some reason acorns and min pumpkins are one of the cutest things that I have seen! I would love to have this hanging over our fireplace! Show this beautiful piece off when all your guests sit by the fire for a family tradition!

10. Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Pattern

What is better then a perfect centerpiece to set on the your beautiful kitchen table loaded with family, laughs, and wonderful food! This turkey would be a fantastic way to display your creativity to your family! I think this little thing is just delicious! J

Now that we have browsed through just a small list of the many beautiful works of art that can be made, what project will you start with? I can’t decide and thanksgiving is tomorrow! Share your creations with us by tagging any of the following tags! We can’t wait to see what you have done and I am sure you cant wait to hear all of the compliments! Happy Crocheting!


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