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Here are Darn Good Yarn we are really over-the-moon in love with our new wooden bowls! Like, really in love with our new wooden yarn bowls. And here are all the reasons we are thinking you want to have one of these bowls.

Tied in knots?

Sometimes life ties up in knots and tangles and sometimes are hobbies do too but in a more literal way.We all have jumped in to a project full of excitement and anticipation of the amazing homemade thing we are going to make.Experts and beginners, you all know what I am talking about...that shear joy of creating and when you are creating as a gift, that joy is even greater. What a delight to work with fiber and feel that giving feeling with every stitch closer to a finished work of art.

And then, you feel that tension...the tension of finding out your yarn is not going to easily unwind out of the center of that skein or that the ball of yarn is knotted for no logical reason. How did this happen? You were just enjoying a blissful moment knitting or what ever you were doing with fiber, and kaboom! Your stomach ties in knots as you wrestle with your yarn. It's time to grab the wine or maybe it's time to grab the yarn bowl! Here is another blog piece on how to untangle yarn and and even goes so far to mention using a swift.

wooden yarn bowl

To Skein or Not To Skein?  That is the Question!

Fiber often comes in hanks or skeins and why is that? Manufacturing on a large scale means that all of this fiber has to be measured and weighted and then there is the drying too of dyed fiber. So in a practical sense it is cheaper to produce a product that has not been wound into a ball. So which do you prefer? Hank, skein or ball? We have them all! 

I have had numerous times when I have left my fiber in a skein only to find out half way through that I am one big tangled mess or knots or a few slubs I need to deal with. I gave up long ago on leaving yarn in the skein. Honestly? I don't want to spend my evening wrestling with a skein of yarn...I want to craft! For that very reason, I now buy hanks and skeins with glee. When ready to begin, I blissfully roll the fiber into balls and actually find it be meditative. Now I have the yarn in the format I want and have had an opportunity to become at one with the fiber!

Just a reminder when rolling your yarn into a ball...the tension does matter and you don't want to roll tightly.I put my index and middle finger under the fiber as I roll to keep the tension loser. I then wrap the fiber approximately thirty times. Remove fingers and place again on ball and wrap some  more.That way if the ball of yarn sits in your stash for a while the yarn is not stretched and compromised.


Yarn bowls are increasingly being used by crafters and even as ornaments of decoration.Yarn bowls represent the warm, homey feel that you want to create by having one displayed with yarn, snacks, or a collection of your favorite buttons. So whether you craft or not a wooden yarn bowl makes a statement of love, of comfort, of homemade.

wooden yarn bowl

Wooden yarn bowls from Darn Good Yarn are especially engaging as they are made of Sheesham wood. One real advantage of a wooden yarn bowl is they are less likely to fall and break or chip like a ceramic bowl.So while creating your work of art, you will be using a handmade work of art. And truly, they are so beautiful and made of warm wood, you might just want to use them for creating that feeling of global art on a shelf or table.

Bowled Over Yet?

Here is the best reason of all for using a DGY wooden yarn bowl. The ability to give back on a global scale creates an amazing ripple. Darn Good Yarn's staff works with an amazing co-op in India and we provide fair trade, safe jobs for over 600 families. When we added these yarn bowls to the products that we already offer we were able to hire 10 more people!! Isn't it great to know that with your purchase of this bowl you are touching lives in a really positive way?

handmade wooden yarn bowlhandmade wooden yarn bowlhandmade wooden yarn bowl

How fortunate we are to work with such skilled people and remember that when you invest in a yarn bowl for yourself or as a gift, you are also providing work for others.Because these wooden yarn bowls are very popular we mention there is a 3-5 week wait for delivery but be patient because our co-op workers are very happy to have the work! We are so proud of the beautiful design and hard work that goes into these bowls and think you will appreciate NOT being tied in tangles! Yes, we are over the moon with our handmade wooden yarn bowl and know you will be too! 

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