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KNIT: Recycled Crafting Easy Quick Scarf

June 27, 2009

Quick Easy ScarfWe’re all in a money crunch these days. A Darn Good Accessory will solve your problems, at least for looking cute because it’s a 3 in 1 accessory! Wear it as a scarf, headband or belt.

I actaully had a recent request from client in Norway for me to knit her up this very pattern. Look at what she said, (thanks Carmen!)

I got the scarf in the mail today, it was really gorgeous! I got it earlier than expected, from the United States to Norway in 5 days! The service here is really great too! I absolutely recommend trying the recycled silk yarn to everyone! You’ll hear from me again :)
Thank you Nicole!

So, come on, let’s knit one up. I promise it won’t take long. It’s an easy easy pattern and if you check out the video I show you how I like to tie mine up in my hair..tres chic yes?

Quick Easy ScarfQuick Easy ScarfQuick Easy Scarf

Here’s what you need to make this:
The Darn Good Accessory Kit, click Here for more info.

And here’s the more than easy how-to:
CO 13 sts.
K1, P1 every row…woo hoo (I love mindless patterns sometimes because they’re great for newbies and they are medatative! Om!)
So how long are you going to make it? Well, this is totally up to you. I usually use 1 and 3/4 balls of yarn but I love a long skinny scarf. If you want even more drama keep going. Want shorter than shorten it up!
BO, weave in ends and style it up and look cute!

Look at you go!

How to flaunt it: See My Video

Quick Easy ScarfAs a scarf. This type of scarf is meant to be wrapped a couple of times around your neck. Here’s how to get the look as shown by moi. I take the end of my Darn Good Accessory and place it about in the top third of my torso and wrap around my neck like that then tie it off to the side (so it doesn’t look like a tie). I never start by hanging the scarf in the middle behind my neck because I think you don’t get to show off as much as the scarf and your ends can’t be uneven and you don’t get to make a cute tie in it.

As an awesome headband. Because this Darn Good Accessory is done in moss stitch it grips onto itself and doesn’t shift making it the perfect candidate for a headband. So, here’s how to do it. Put your hair up into a high ponytail and cover your part. It doesn’t even need to be neat because it will be covered by the DGA. Quick Easy Scarf So, depending on if you want part of the DGA to hang down your back or not depends on if you start the headband in the back or front of your head. So, choose the base of your head or just at the front of your hair line at your forehead. From there, find the center of your DGA and wrap symmetrically around your head with both hands, switching ends with your hands when it crosses over keeping the scarf tight. The trick to making it flat is to pyramid the wraps as if you were putting grip on a tennis racquet or tape on a road bike handle. The cool part about this DGA is that you don’t need to knot it for it to stay in place you simply need to tie it. You can take your hair out at that point of leave it up…whatev:-). Be prepared to get some compliments!! Pair with some mellow colors to wear so you highlight the scarf.

As a cool belt over a long shirt. You could have it go around once and let the ends hang or you could double it around and make it like a little corset look. I totally recommend a nice sold dark color with this option though… you don’t want too much going on in your outfit!


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  1. kayla hernandez says:

    loooooooooooooooove the website!

  2. Casroline Bond says:


  3. Claudia Donaldson-Selby says:

    Dear Nicki,
    I love the long knitted woolen scarf so much so that I’m growing my hair. Which wool did you use and how many stitches what size needle I want to start! I loved seeing your video clip! :You are so clever!

  4. Amy says:

    Nicole…I love the headscarf!!!

  5. Stacey says:

    I love this, I went and ordered some recycled silk just so I could make this. Although I have one question, you say its moss stitch and to k1 p1 all the way through but I thought that moss stitch was k1 p1 (odd rows) then p1 k1 (even rows). Could you please clarify this for me?

    Thank you

    :o )

    • nicole says:

      Hi there! I just depends how many stitches you have on your needle. if you have an odd number like 13 then you can start each row in knit:)… I’m lazy like that so that’s what I do… but just make sure you purl the knits and knit the purls:)

  6. Tracy says:

    Love you site! My 9 year old daughter has turned into a little knitting machine recently and would love to make this head scarf (she is quite fashiony that way, too!) I have bookmarked you! Great video, too!

  7. Dottie says:

    Just learning to knit. What size needle do you use for the scarf. Can’t seem to find that anywhere. Thanks Dottie

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