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Yak Wool Yarn from Nepal - Mulberry

Yakkity, Yak! Now, 'don't talk back' - we know you'll love this yak yarn!

Warm and lofty, this yak yarn is great for projects with larger needles that you'll be able to whip up in no time at all. This great yak's wool is right from the mountains of Nepal, and is reminiscent of sheep's wool. It will even felt lightly.

What the heck is a yak? You might ask. Yaks are large bovine animals which live in Tibet and Nepal and are kept for milk, meat, wool and used as pack animals. Yaks thrive in high-altitude, freezing mountain climates, so their wool is especially warm. It is also odor-resistant and very breathable!

Each 100 gram skein has 230 yards of yak wool.

Length (Yards)


Yarn Weight

3 - DK, Light, Worsted

Yarn Material

Yak Wool

Needle Size

5 - 7

Hook Size


Gauge (knit/crochet)

21-24 sts knit    / 12-17 crochet sts per inch

Physical Quality

Similar to sheep's wool, evenly spun, great consistency, will lightly felt

How to Clean

Wash in cold water on delicate cycle, air dry

Best for...

Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving, Felting
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