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Wild Woman Weekend Pack

Product Description

Want a weather and wine forecast? This pack is a springboard for so much fun! Have someone you want to gift who is a knitter? Have a get-away planned with friends where crafting is guaranteed to be the most fun? The Wild Woman Weekend Pack is perfect for combining wild, wine, and an awesome gift! And this is a prediction we are sure of!

What’s included:

4 skeins of  Darn Good Yarn Windswept Sari Ribbon; Size US 15 knitting needles, and this fun tote bag

Additional Information:

Each tote is 100% cotton measuring 10 inches by 9.5 inches by 2.75 inches and the straps are 16 inches. Each tote has a handy dandy pocket on the inside. The pockets are the perfect size for a cell phone or wallet!

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