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Vintage Silk Chiffon Ribbon Bundle

Light and airy, this white chiffon ribbon is perfect for any use, for any wedding. Whether you are looking to decorate tables, bouquets, or add a special touch along the aisle, this simple yarn will add a subtle pop of wow. 

Each pack comes with 5 skeins of yarn. 


Length/Weight:  40 yards/100g  
Yarn Weight:  5 - Bulky (1/2"-1/4" strips) 
Yarn Material:  Recycled Chiffon
Needle Size: US 9-11
Hook Size: US K, L, M 
Physical Quality:  Wispy, Lightweight
How to clean: Wash in cold water on delicate cycle, air dry. If you would like to soften it up more you can throw it in the dryer on a low setting.