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Tie Dye Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Tunic

There is nothing we love more than rainbows and comfort (and ice cream with sprinkles). When we found this top we knew you'd be stoked because you get a flowy comfortable fit for a top that can go over everything and it's tie dyed! We love the way it moves with us and did you see?! It has pockets! A little home for your chapstick and phone (you can give your bra a rest from that duty). And for the mamas and grandmas out there with little ones, we find that our littles are super into cuddles when we wear this. The softness of the fabric and rainbows totally does the trick.

A stretchy cotton blend that washes amazingly and is so soft- just do us a favor and do a cold wash by itself for your first washing in case there is residual dye. It will prevent everything else in your wash from getting inadvertently tie dyed too. Unless that's the look you're going for (no judgement!).

Material: Rayon/Spandex Blend
Length: 24"
Regular Bust: 18" (laying flat)