The Tapestry Psychedelic Celestial Sun hanging on a cream colored wall. There are plants sitting on the ground in front of it. This tapestry is a black background with bright oranges and reds mixed in, making a sun pattern in the center. There are stars, moons and suns around the edges.
Tranquil tree tapestry hanging in front of a white background. Mainly green and brown with graphic of tree, birds, animals, and flowers.
A Periwinkle Elephant Tapestry hanging on a cream colored wall. This tapestry is a black background with very intricate designs featuring elephants. This Tapestry has rich purples and whites  forming a big star pattern in the center.
A Vibrant Hamsa Hand fabric wall hanging on a cream colored wall. This tapestry is a black background with vibrant oranges, blues greens and reds. The Design is a Large sun with a hand & eye in the center.
A Wandering Elephant Tapestry on a gray wall in a kitchen. There's a table with dominos on it in front of the wall hanging.

Boho Tapestry Wall Hanging

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Why we love it!

From bedding to beach blankets and everything in between, these tapestries are just what you need to add a little burst of color to your life. The detail on these tapestries shows off the handiwork and love poured into them.


Each tapestry is handmade by our artisans in India, and the vibrant blues, purples, pinks, and greens are truly mesmerizing. They're versatile, too –use them as a cover-up, beach blanket, or tablecloth!

Product Specs:

100 % cotton made in India

Approximate Dimensions: 

    • Psychedelic Celestial Sun: 88" x 82"
    • Tranquil Tree: 80" x 52"
    • Periwinkle Elephant: 88" x 83"
    • Vibrant Hamsa Hand: 88" x 80"
    • Wandering Elephant: 80" x 90"

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