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Squad Selling Packs


Are you ready?

At Darn Good Yarn, we are about empowering people to live their best lives. From India to Nepal and now to you! Join my Darn Good Squad and you partner with us. In this pack, you get 24 skirts in assorted lengths and sizes covering women from 0-32!

You might not know this about Darn Good Yarn (or me, Nicole!) but I started Darn Good Yarn from my savings account and a corner in my guestroom 12 years ago. And I hustled and was (and am!) gritty. I want to serve people who don’t get a fair crack at life. The people who make these skirts, it’s empowering stuff! They get great jobs that support their families.

For you? You get to join me on this entrepreneurial journey and kick some butt to spread this message! I found that since running Darn Good Yarn, these wrap skirts embody the essence of what we’re doing and are accessible to everyone, crafter or not! So, get this pack, throw a little party at your house, or do your very own live flash sale on Facebook, get creative and make magic happen!

Each kit comes with 24 skirts for you to sell! With this kit, you have the opportunity to make $800 PROFIT (when you sell the skirts at $50 each...or maybe keep some for yourself)

5 Ankle Regular (Women's 0-12)
5 Mini Regulars (Women's 0-12)
5 Ankle Plus Skirts (Women's 8-20)
5 Mini Plus Skirts (Women's 8-20)
2 Ankle Goddess Skirts (Women's 14-32)
2 Mini Goddess Skirts (Women's 14-32)
24 Poly Mailers for you to ship

Please note, this product is final sale and ineligible for returns or exchanges. Customization requests including size, length, color and patterns can not be granted at this time.