Seconds & Surplus Sari Wrap Skirt

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Why we love it

Doing our part to reduce consumption: we make every effort to keep our supply chain fully sustainable. When it comes to reclaimed fabric, it's not uncommon to find wear or minor damage in the materials used.

  • Seconds and Surplus: As the name implies, these sari wrap skirts are what we call our seconds or surplus inventory. They are skirts that may have been missed by our extensive quality control checks performed by our artisans and warehouse team. OR, the skirts can be color groups we have way too much of. You never know what you're going to get.
  • Potential imperfections: these skirts may have rips or holes, thread snags, loose threads, missing embellishments, unaligned hemlines, missing tags, missing original packaging along with other perfectly imperfect features.
  • Adjustable sizing: sizing that can move with you! Check out the sizing chart below to find your perfect size range! First, choose your waist size (see below for the size chart), Then select your desired length.

Learn more

Learn how to repair your skirt (if you find an imperfection) 👉 Read the blog.

Discover other ways we recycled this fabric, making sure it does not see a landfill.

Stock is limited! At the end of each month, we will add any seconds and surplus skirts in our warehouse to this fantastic deal, so come back next month if you missed out or are looking for more! 

Final Sale. Please note that due to these skirts' incredible price, we can not offer returns or exchanges, as the skirts will have imperfections. 

Mini Length
US Size Waist Length
00-4 20"-34" 19"-21"
2-12 22"-40" 19"-21"
8-20 28"-42" 19"-21"
14-32 36"-54" 28"-30"

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Tea Length
US Size Waist Length
00-4 20"-34" 22"-26
2-12 22"-40" 28"-30"
8-20 28"-42" 28"-30"
14-32 36"-54" 33"-35"

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Maxi/Ankle Length
US Size Waist Length
00-4 20"-34" 28"-32"
2-12 22"-40" 32"-34"
8-20 28"-42" 32"-34"
14-32 36"-54" 36"-40"

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Learn how to measure for the perfect Sari Wrap Skirt!

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