Renewed Spirit Crystal Grid

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Celebrate Spring and tap into the energy of renewal and rebirth with this limited edition crystal grid offered in collaboration with Star + Splendor. Crystal grids are a beautiful way to decorate, harmonize and infuse your space with intention and new energy.

These 19 stones and a cloth crystal grid come in a reusable square tin with instructions and a guide to the crystal properties. This grid is built in multiples of six, the hexagram, which is attributed to the solar influence. The crystal grid cloth is locally made in Upstate New York; edges may fray over time. The grid itself is 11.75" x 11.75".

The Renewed Spirit Crystal Grid includes:

Apophyllite (1) connects with Nature and sweet, hopeful energy that balances and stimulates the energetic systems. Apophyllite also dispels disillusionment and difficulty.

Green Aventurine (6) for vitality, growth and optimism. Green aventurine inspires a zest for life, and gives the confidence to move forward. 

Blue Chalcedony (6) for balance and centeredness. Blue Chalcedony soothes the conscious mind and inner child, calming anxiety and fear. This stone is helps one to find clarity and speak their truth.

Clear Quartz (6) for purification, harmonizing, bringing in the light and amplifying all of the other stones.

Please Note: It is normal to find natural form of crack lines, holes, inclusion, on crystals as well as variations in colors and shapes.

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