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Personal Shopping Experience

Nicole here. 

Thursday mornings bring out the quirky side in me. All this damn COVID talk has me missing my Darn Good Community. Some of us work from home, some work in the warehouse…

But here is a weird idea I wanted to run by you—

How would you like to get first dibs on the skirts we’re featuring in our Famous Friday Facebook Live Flash Sale tomorrow?

AND get to personally shop with me, Kate, Kelsie or Sam on a private Zoom video call?!

We’ll go through the skirts together, pick out your favorites, and talk about whatever you want.

Here's the deal, just secure your time slot and shopping budget above.

I’m only making 4 time slots available for this Friday and it’s first come first served.

Come make history with me and my team and we’ll show you the behind-the-scenes!

NOTE: All skirts are $50. You will receive any amount left over from your 30 minutes of personal shopping as a gift card. For example, if you only choose 15 skirts in 30 minutes with Nicole ($1,000 budget), you will receive a gift card for $250; if you only choose 5 skirts in 30 minutes with Kelsie ($500 budget), you will receive a $250 gift card.