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Organic Laundry Kit: Dryer Balls + Linen Spray

Keep your garments fresh and clean without all those harsh chemicals! This Organic Laundry Kit includes 2 wool dryer balls to keep your clothes fluffy, and a linen spray that will help you freshen up knitwear without having to go through an extensive washing process.  

Wool Dryer Balls: 
Material: 100% Wool 
Use Instructions: Use in place of fabric softener to decrease drying time, and increase softness. Optional: Use a few drops of essential oils to add scent
Organic Linen Spray:
Peppermint Clove: distilled water, witch hazel extract, clove essential oil, lemon essential oil
Lemongrass: distilled water, witch hazel extract, lemongrass oil
Lavender: distilled water, witch hazel extract, lavender essential oil
Use Instructions: Lightly spritz on garments and accessories to clean and increase aroma.