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Kid's DIY Little Yarn Snowman Pattern

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Snow people are a big part of our world here. Why? That's our founder's last name! So, of course, we are stoked to bring you a fun kids craft project to make a whole snow person community! Dress them up. Make them look like members of your family for some fun laughs and crafting connections with your kids!

Product Specs:

Craft: Craft
Category: Kids & Amigurumi
Difficulty Level: Easy
Yarn Required: 1 Skein of DGY Bliss Superwash Chunky Merino Wool Yarn
Materials: (included) 1 DGY Bead Kits for Jewelry Making
Materials: (not included) Scissors, ruler, marking tool, cardboard, popsicle stick, craft glue, and string
Finished Dimensions: Approx. Snowman head 7" diameter, Snowman body 10" diameter
Designed By: Harshini Fernando
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