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Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set

For the organized crocheter that is prepared for every project the day might bring wherever they are. This interchangeable crochet hook set is the best we've ever laid our hands on. You get twelve crochet hook sizes with three ergonomic and brightly colored branded handles to show off at your next virtual or in-person crafting hang-out. 

Great for gift giving. You'll be hooked

Each set comes with:

  • (3) Ergonomic and colorful crochet hook handles
  • (12) Threaded crochet hook inserts: 2.25mm, 2.75mm, 3.25 mm, 3.75mm, 4.25mm, 4.75mm, 5.25mm, 5.75mm, 6.25mm, 6.75mm, 7.25mm, 7.75mm
  • A handy dandy open ended wrench to swap out hook sizes on the go
  • A blue travel case with shadow foam inserts that neatly and quietly hold your hooks, attachments and hook swapping wrench in place. The cut-outs include super handy voids for quickly extracting exactly what you need.