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These banners are printed in the USA and hand-sewn by a team of seamstresses in Asheville, NC. Their work is provided through a not-for-profit corporation that gives opportunity and independence to minority and under-served communities, helping to elevate them out of poverty. I'm so thrilled to work with this team of gorgeous women. When you see the banners, you can feel the love and care that has been put into each one of them.

Each flag size is 5" x 6", cotton blend, linen ribbon - ribbon approx. 60" long with finished edges.

Self Love Banner Reads

May I know my magnificence. May I trust the wisdom within me. May I follow the passion in my heart. May I cherish my body. May I radiate love. May my soul shine bright and beautiful.

I Am Banner Reads

I am enough. I am brave. I am light. I am home. I am worthy. I am whole.

Grateful Heart Banner Reads

May you wake with gratitude. May you see beauty every day. May you glow with happiness. May you know you are worthy. May you know you are loved. May you sleep deeply and peacefully.

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