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Handmade Goat Milk Soap

I had the great pleasure of meeting Che Sweetland (owner and do-er of everything at Meadowfly Farms) at local charity event last year. We hit it off and we got to talking one day. I said, "Che, wouldn't it be cool if you could develop a soap that Darn Good Yarners could use on their hands AND on their hand crafted creations?" Well, Che stepped up to the challenge and I am so so so proud to introduce "Goat Milk Soap from Darn Good Yarn".

I chose to get three scents to start with and I think you will love them!!! I went to heaven when I got the box of soaps in!

You should know a little more about Meadowfly Farms. Here' the skinny: WE BELIEVE THAT HEALTHY, CONTENT GOATS HELP CREATE THE BEST HANDMADE GOAT MILK SOAPS! Made in Maine!

Working alongside my pet dairy goats, I use their compassionately-farmed milk to create a variety of all-natural, handmade goat milk soaps that appeal to everybody in the family. My soaps include ingredients such as Shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil. I use natural preservatives, essential oils for scent, and natural colors such as lemon peel powder and olive leaf powder. All of my soaps have a lovely, creamy lather!

Most of my soaps are made in batches of about 12 pounds in my kitchen. Cold-process is my preferred method of making soap but I will occasionally throw together a batch that is hand-milled, too. Because each bar of soap is handmade, there will be slight variations from item to another which makes each bar unique!

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