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Hand Dyed Merino Wool & Silk Roving

First of all, I have SO much fun creating these hand-dyed colors for you, we keep creating more and more!! They offer beautiful hand dyed colors and textures like an art batt, but these are consistent roving to roving, so that you can buy quantities for a project. And, as I said, they are excellent for ANY fiber medium! Check the fiber content of course as they vary roving to roving. I am very available for questions!

Need a drop spindle for your beautiful new fiber? Click here!

Art Batt makers- making beautiful batts could not be simpler! 8-12 different fibers are already blended into each roving. Run them through your carder with a solid base color and you are done!

Spinners, they make beautiful singles. There is a luster and sheen to these, as well as a softness. A real pleasure to spin!
If you spin art yarns, these rovings blow the possibilities for creativity wide open! Traditional spinners are loving these as well.

Weavers, these are stunning when woven into a wall hanging or spun for fringe! And, of course, the yarns spun from them are stunning additions to any weaving on any type of loom.

3-D Felters, stunning vessels with one roving!
Wet felters, Landscape felters- these add such depth and texture to your creations...

Needle felters- This blend is a little fine for needle felting, Unless you blend it with other coarser fibers.

Nuno felters, these fibers are a dream for your medium! Made from fine wools and luxurious silks, so the colors blend and float together as if painted.