5 assorted packages of furoshiki gift wrap on a light yellow backdrop.
5 packages wrapped in Furoshiki gift wrap on a light yellow backdrop. The Darn Good Yarn logo is in the top left corner and the 100% recycled logo is in the top right corner.
Model is wearing a pink furoshiki as a headband while standing in front of some tres outside on the beach.
Model is standing in a park wearing a green furoshiki as a top.
Pink and orange furoshiki is tied on a brown purse
Green furoshiki is laying under a wine bottle on a crochet blanket in the park next to a sari silk purse with flowers in it.
Five assorted furoshiki tied as triangles laying on a light yellow backdrop.
Darn Good Yarn Furoshiki Reusable Gift Wrap product overview: Use it as gift wrapping, bandanas, scarves, and more!

Furoshiki - Reusable Sari Gift Wrapping

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Introducing Furoshiki Gift Wrapping, the eco-friendly and stylish way to wrap gifts!

  • Furoshiki is a Japanese word for a traditional practice of wrapping items in different sized cloths for storage, carrying, or gifting.
  • These cloths can be used to wrap and carry items, or even be worn as a top or headband! 
  • Made from beautiful sari silk in assorted colors and patterns, making each one unique.
  • Not only is Furoshiki Gift Wrapping eco-friendly and reusable, but it's also incredibly stylish. Give your gifts a beautiful, artisanal touch with Furoshiki Gift Wrapping.
  • Comes with a free How-to-Guide with easy to follow instructions will help you wrap those gifts like a professional every time.

Learn more about furoshiki here!

Material: 100% Reclaimed Sari Material
Dimensions: 28" x 28"

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