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Fruit Bowl - Serving Tray - Waste Basket - Handmade from Trash


Home is where the art is. From a fruit bowl to a serving tray, Darn Good Yarn partnered with an amazing women-owned business in Nepal to bring you these household essentials. But here's the Darn Good Twist, these items are handwoven out of trash that was found in landfills. The pieces are waterproof and amazingly durable and strong. The ladies collect potato crisp, chocolate, biscuit and noodle wrappings off the streets from school playgrounds, cinemas and along the mountain trails of Nepal. They collect synthetic rice-bags from hotels and restaurants and rubber inner tubes from garages to make their crafts!

Choose from a variety of bowls measured by their widest diameter, a beautiful tray to enjoy your morning coffee on or a waste basket to spruce up a bathroom, office or guest room.

We even included cute stars with our collection. They were too whimsical to pass up!

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