Skein of lace weight silk in the colorway color surge (yellow, orange, red, fuchsia variegated) in front of a white background.
Skein of darn good twist 2 ply recycled silk yarn in the colorway twisting rainbows in front of a white background.
Darn Good Yarn® Sampler
group of women yarn spinners spinning bright pink fiber into yarn by hand at co-op in India with founder and CEO Nicole snow.
Image of artisan wearing red scarf and smiling.
Image of founder and CEO Nicole Snow feeling and discussing fabric with artisan in Indian co-op
Artisan in purple scarf working on hanking purple sari silk ribbon yarn with sari silk ribbon yarn in the background.

Darn Good Yarn® Sampler

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Maybe you've heard of us? Darn Good Yarn® is the leading authority of recycled and reclaimed material craft supplies and yarn. 

Since 2008, we've worked with hundreds of global artisans to create safe and sustainable jobs and some kick-butt yarn. It's vibrant and made from 100% recycled material.

We get that we're a little different than everyone else. But we believe that when you sit down to create you should also help the planet. 

Try one of our sampler yarns. These vibrant yarns are AMAZING. Try it. You won't go back to artificial fibers that hurt the earth ever again.

Every purchase you make at Darn Good Yarn® is part of a greater story of change and sustainability. By choosing our products, you join an essential movement that transforms waste into beauty and provides stable, safe employment for over 600 artisans worldwide.

Since 2008, the commitment of our customers has helped repurpose over 2 million pounds of material waste into exquisite crafting and clothing products. Together, we connect skilled artisans globally with conscious consumers like you, crafting a circle of impact that's truly Darn Good™.

"The yarn is incredibly soft and the colors put a smile on my face!"


Our Mission

Threads of Change: Crafting a Sustainable Future