Patterned pouch with two clear quartz Crystals on a yellow backdrop.
Tow patterned pouches on a yellow bacdrop.
Two clear quartz crystals on a purple box on a yellow backdrop.

Clear Quartz Crystal 2 Pack

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Introducing the Clear Quartz Pouch – your new best friend when it comes to attracting good vibes and improving your focus and clarity.

  • This cute pouch comes with two Clear Quartz crystals, and is pocket sized, so it is perfect for carrying with you on the go.
  • Clear quartz is known as the master healer, and is said to amplify energy and intention. It's also a great stone for protection.
  • When you carry clear quartz with you, you're tapping into its powerful energies to help you stay centered and clearheaded.
  • The patterned pouches are all one of a kind and have a drawstring closure keeping your crystals safe and secure.
  • Let us know in the order notes what color pouch you prefer, our warehouse staff will do their best to accommodate. 

Product Spec

Clear Quartz:
Length- 3" 

Width- 4"
Length- 3"

Learn more about Clear Quartz 


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