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Crinkled Silk Chiffon Fabric


Are you feeling a wild streak? Sometimes I get lucky and stumble upon something fun and out of the ordinary for you all. This time is sheets of crinkled silk chiffon fabric.

Have you ever wanted to play with painting on silk? This would be a fab fab fab canvas! The pieces are reclaimed chiffon (10 in all) so they're unfinished and not quite perfect. They are about 2.5' by 3' and they vary from white and sometimes ivory. If you would all of one color and not another let me know, otherwise it will be assorted:)

Need some inspiration for painting on silk, just google "painting on silk" and find a whole bunch of free ideas and tutorials!

This chiffon could also be utilized as a light lining for your projects too. At the price, it's worth keeping a few sheets in your stash!

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