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Assorted Kaftan

Okay, you need to know something about me (Nicole).. I secretly want to live in a kaftan and just craft and drink wine and play in my veggie garden with my daughter for all of my days. I'm a simple girl:-)

If any of that strikes a chord, well, let me help you look the part. I've curated some fabulous kaftans from central India. Fun, exotic patterns that make you feel like absolutely fabulous goddess you are (psst... you can even go braless if this your stay-at-home-and-be-the-queen-of-your-domain wear).

Product Specs:

One-size, Length: 51" Width: 35" : Arm Opening: 13" with drawstring to tighten

All kaftans are assorted colors! What is pictured is not indicative of what you will receive.