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Aluminum Crochet Hook Set

This crochet hook pack comes with all the hooks you would ever need! Each pack comes with:

Colored Aluminum Hooks Sizes:
2.0mm (B/1), 2.5mm (C/2), 3.0mm (D/3), 3.5mm (E/4), 4.0mm (G/6), 4.5mm(7), (H/8) 5.0mm (H/9), 5.5mm (I/9), 6.0mm (J/10), 6.5mm (K/10.5)

Silver Tone Hooks Sizes:
.75mm (14/10), .90mm (14/8), 1.0mm (12/6), 1.10mm (11), 1.25mm (9/4), 1.40mm (9/8), 1.50mm (8/7/2), 1.60mm (6), 1.75mm (4/0), 1.80mm (6), 1.90mm (5), 2.10mm (3)

That's 22 crochet hooks total! Not to mention each pack comes with a purple carrying case.