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100% Cotton Wrap Around Skirts - 3 Pack

Surprise Me!
Soho Bohemian
California Coastline

Cotton Wrap Skirts - 3 Pack are on sale now. Save an instant $100

Due to the high demand of this product, please allow 5-7 business days for shipping.

Who doesn't love cotton? Cotton is a wonderful, earth bound fiber that we all love because it is easy to care for and holds up well. Here at Darn Good Yarn, we have a great selection of cotton wrap skirts that are perfect for that summer party or a comfy winter night by the fire. Whatever the day or evening brings, our cotton wrap skirts are a very versatile addition for stepping out. We have some amazing options for choosing your color pack!

Choose your color pack:

Soho Bohemian pack includes the classic boho colors you have come to love! Each pack consists of a navy, maroon and cherry red skirt.

California Coastline pack includes colors that will have you reminiscing of vineyards and wine. Each pack consists of a navy, purple and black & white skirt.

Surprise Me! pack includes 3 mystery cotton skirts that will keep you at the edge of your seat until they arrive at your doorstep! Please note, due to extra discount to this pack this pack cannot be returned or exchanged.

Please note, images shown are not inclusive of patterns you may receive.

Product Details:

Material: 100% Cotton
Waist Regular: 48"
Waist XL: 58"
Above the Knee - Approximately 18"
Ankle Length- Approximately 33"
Wash: Hand wash, hang to dry
Pairs well with: solid tanks and blouses, flip flops, boots, or your favorite shoes!
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