The Rose Pearlman Collection

Darn Good Yarn is happy to present The Rose Pearlman Collection. All of Rose's designs are intended to give a fiber artist the materials needed to create truly inspirational modern rug hooking and fiber art pieces.

Meet the Artist - Rose Pearlman

Rose Pearlman kneeling on floor looking at work-in-progress punch needle piece.

Rose Pearlman is the godmother of modern rug hooking.

Rose is a Vermont native who lives in NYC, and with a background in painting, she creates work that is minimalistic, abstract, and entirely different from the traditional pastoral scenes typically associated with the craft.

And she’s now brought it to hundreds of people. Rose’s kits sell out in minutes, with folks across the globe setting their alarm clocks to the middle of the night so they can grab one before they’re gone.

Once you’ve got the right supplies, punch needle—which uses a different tool from rug hooking to create the same result—is quick to pick up. Unlike knitting or crochet, punch needle largely just uses one technique, so there are no tricky stitches to master.

“I think it’s really exciting for people to get their hands on something that can do so much with, that has so many open-ended possibilities,” says Rose. “And the kit that we’re putting together, it’s the best stuff.”

Rose began rug hooking after her son was born, finding the portability, easy clean-up, and freedom to stop-and-go fitting for a young mom with a small child. Rose’s own mother, an abstract painter, also did rug hooking—but was way ahead of her time.