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Chiffon Ribbon Color Pack with Free Silk Bag and Free Downloadable Pattern

Desert Sand
Patterns & Textures
Surprise Me!
Earthy Soul
Blues Galore!
Vintage Chic
Ultimate Joy

Chiffon Ribbon Color Packs ship in 5-7 business days.

Who doesn’t oogle over color? The Chiffon Ribbon Color Packs give you 4 skeins of Chiffon (you choose the colorway), a silk bag, and a surprise pattern. This a a great way to play with color and chiffon at the same time, and really tap into your creativity! 

Each pack comes with a luxurious silk bag, and a free pattern. 

Product Specs:

Length:80 yards
Yarn Weight: 5 - Bulky -- 1/2' - 1/4" strips
Yarn Material: Chiffon (silk and polyester blend)
Needle Size: 9 - 11
Hook Size: K,L,M
Gauge (knit/crochet): 3-4 / 2-3 per inch
Physical Quality: Wispy, Lightweight
How to Clean: Dry Clean
Best For: Knitting, Crochet, Jewelry Making, Mixed Media - Check out our 45 Minute Scarf, Ribbon Nesting Basket, Summer Layering Top, 30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf, and Market Tote

Note: Each skein is one of a kind, so you will get skeins in the color of your choice, but in different shades. For the Patterns + Textures Option, you will receive skeins with a variety of patterns and embellishments.