Arm Knit Blanket Kit

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Create a Blanket Throw using the ever so popular Arm Knitting technique in 4 easy steps. Each kit contains 10 skeins of Reclaimed Assorted Chiffon.

Here are the directions:

1) Holding 5 strands of Chiffon together you cast on 10 stitches, Arm Knit until you are at the end of the 5 strands.

2) Add 5 more strands (held together) and knit until you have enough ribbon to cast off.

3) Cast off.

4) Tie in all the loose ends and there you go you have a Darn Good Yarn Arm Knitted Throw!

Note: The Assorted Chiffon comes in all different colors, when you place your order is you have a color preferences leave a note on your order and we will try to match your preferences!


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