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Any crafter knows it takes a quality arsenal to create the most beautiful works of art. We’ve got some darn good tools designed to make your crafting adventure a bit easier and more productive. Whether you’re a knitter, spinner, seamstress or crocheter, DGY has tools that are sure to help you on your creative journey! Take your knitting to the next level with these sewing tools and sewing items for spinning yarn; unprocessed silk; and more. If you thought knitting couldn’t get any more exciting, hold onto your hats because these sewing tools are going to take you to a place that you didn’t know existed.

Hyperbole aside, using sewing tools to dye, spin and process your own yarn is really where advanced knitters want to go. Apart from being able to control the gauge, color and quality of the yarn you use in your projects, making your own fabrics allows you enormous freedom in choosing projects in the first place. With some undyed silk (or other spinning yarn) and a spindle to hand, you’re always ready to tackle anything. You can also retrieve and reuse yarn offcuts, saving yourself plenty of money while helping the environment!

In fact, if you’re looking to buy a spinning wheel, you might want to consider a spindle. Spindles are generally considered slower and more tiring than the alternatives, but the level of control and quality they allow you to achieve are unbeatable. Before you make the expensive decision to buy a spinning wheel, we encourage you to check out our spindles.

All our products are highest quality, from ethical and sustainable producers. Have a look through our patterns, materials and garments and get knitting with Darn Good Yarn!