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Abia Lace Silk Yarn

Cocoa Shimmer
Silver Shimmer
Cancun Flowers
Everest Mountaintop

Our Abia Silk Yarn is handmade from Mulberry silk and is handspun as a 2 ply lace yarn. The Mulberry silk allows our artisans to capture bright and vivid colors and a beautiful sheen when they hand-dye them. 

Product Specs:

Length/Weight: 450 meters/50 grams 
Weight: 1 - Sock, Fingering
Material: Reclaimed Mulberry Silk
Needle Size: 1-3
Hook Size: B-E
Gauge (knit/crochet):  6.75-8 / 5.25-8 sts per inch
Physical Quality: Soft, and Silky!
How to Clean: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean
Best for: 
Knitting, Crocheting, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Tatting - Check our our Lace Weight Silk Shawl!