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Fused Glass Necklaces

This handmade, bohemian fused glass necklace will be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, or a perfect gift! 

This line of fused glass jewelry is made from designer Cynthia Ann Swan from Terra Pax Studio. Here is a little piece from the artist:

I am a professional fused glass artist. My studio, Terra Pax Studio, is located in the Los Angeles, CA area. I have an M.F.A. in Glass from Rochester Institute of Technology. My mentor was Boyce Lunstrom, a pioneer in fused glass, who's passing in December of 2012 left a creative void in the world of fused glass.

My work falls somewhere between contemporary abstract and modern impressionism. I derive inspiration from natural imagery, and celebrate it's essence in forms and paintings created with glass and non-glass inclusions. I enjoy playing with the contrast of opacity and transparency. The fluidity of glass fascinates me, and exploit this quality by allowing the glass to flow and rearrange to create overlapping layers of visual complexity.

Each piece is one of a kind!