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Sari Silk Wrap Skirts - 3 Pack

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A one of a kind, reversible, multi-wear wrap skirt with an eco-friendly twist. What do we mean by multi-wear? You can turn it into a skirt, dress, top or shawl. Since there are two layers, all of your looks are reversible too. (Here's a short video of all of the ways I love to wear my skirt:  CLICK HERE)

Here at Darn Good Yarn we love to wear them over leggings, to the gym/yoga studio, and as a bathing suit cover-up while soaking up the sun on vacation!

A friendly fit with room to grow or shrink! Easy care too! Wash in cold water in a mesh bag and put in the dryer on a low/medium heat. Due to the handmade nature of our product, the skirt you receive may have natural wear and tear. Please keep in mind that this product is made of the traditional Indian sari and typically consists of 80% silk and 20% polyester blend. For more information on how our skirts are made check out this  blog post.

Get Your Perfect Skirts! Start here.

Step 1. Choose your primary color grouping.

Each skirt is a little different and has its own unique character. So, what we did to make ordering easy for you is group our skirts into beautiful color packs. Please note, our 3 pack of sari silk wrap skirts come pre-packaged so we are unable to mix colors, sizes & lengths. If you are looking to purchase 2 different style skirts, please see our individual skirt listing here - Sari Silk Wrap Skirt

*Surprise - If you love a surprise as much as I do then this option is for you! Please note you cannot make color requests and the surprise option is final sale and is neither exchangeable nor returnable. 

Step 2. Choose your size. We have three sizes available to you.

  • Junior (Juniors Size 0-13)
  • Regular (Misses Size 4-12)
  • XL (Plus Size 14-20) 

Step 3. Choose your length.

Our approximations are based off a 5' 6" woman who is a size 8.

  • Mini Skirt (the skirt will fall right above your knees, measuring approximately 20")
  • Ankle Length (the skirt will fall around the ankle)

*Note: Due to the current awesome sale on this 3 pack of skirts, please be advised this product is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged as of October 15.

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