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Yarn Dreads Starter Pack

Interested in creating fun and unique extensions and style to your hair style? Use our exclusive Yarn Dreads Starter Pack to add a lightweight, cost-effective addition to your natural hair. 

Learn more about how to make yarn dreads here.

Each pack contains: 1 ball of Spice Market, 1 skein of Banana Fiber in Kaleidoscope, and 1 skein of one-of-a-kind Chiffon Ribbon Yarn. 

Spice Market:
Length/Weight: 75-80 yards/100 grams
Yarn Weight: 3 - DK 
Yarn Material: Recycled Silk 
Needle Size: US 5-7
Hook Size: US I/9 - K 
Physical Quality: Soft, rich and warm - almost fuzzy texture
How to Clean: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean

Length/Weight: 40 yards/100g 
Yarn Weight: 4 - Worsted 
Yarn Material: Banana Fiber
Needle Size: US 7-9 
Hook Size: US I,J,K  
Gauge:  4 /3 sts per inch 
Physical Quality: Surprisingly soft! Reminiscent of Bamboo yarn - Hand-spun, so it may have some inconsistencies like thick and thin spots, or knots.
How to clean: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean - dryer only on delicate cycle  

Chiffon Ribbon Yarn:
Length: 75 yards
Yarn Weight: 5 - Bulky -- 1/2' - 1/4" strips
Yarn Material: Chiffon (silk and polyester blend)
Needle Size: 9 - 11
Hook Size: K,L,M
Gauge (knit/crochet): 3-4 / 2-3 per inch
Physical Quality: Wispy, Lightweight
How to Clean: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry or dry clean